How To Be An Elephant

Growing Up in the African Wild

Written and illustrated by Katherine Roy

Where Neighborhood Sharks follows a day of hunting in the life of one white shark, How to Be an Elephant explores just what it takes for a 200-pound baby African elephant to grow into a multi-ton member of one of the most socially complex family groups on earth. Safe and surrounded by leathery gray pillars and the sounds of excited trumpeting, a newborn elephant’s first learning task is to stand up and walk on her own…

Katherine Roy researched How to Be an Elephant on location in Kenya with researchers who study these incredible animals.

Roaring Brook / David Macaulay Studio, September 2017. Age Level: 7 and up.

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Blog Posts About the Elephant Book!

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At this point, I’ve read a great many books and papers about elephants. I’ve watched hours and hours of YouTube videos and documentaries. And I’ve seen thousands of images posted on the Internet. I’ve filled an entire notebook with notes about their diet, circulation and migration rou
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Guest post by Bear Pond Books!

Last weekend I had the privilege of talking about Neighborhood Sharks with kids, parents, and educators at Bear Pond Books in beautiful (and snowy) Montpelier, Vermont. I had a wonderful time sharing my process and research behind the book, and best of all were the incredible question
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Picturebooking Podcast

A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of sitting down with Nick Patton of The Picturebooking Podcast to talk about my process, my research, and the story behind Neighborhood Sharks. I’m really proud of this interview—it’s an intimate look at how I think and work through
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