Neighborhood Sharks is now available for Pre-Order!

Every September the great white sharks return to San Francisco. While their 800,000 human neighbors dine on steak, salad, and sandwiches, the white sharks hunt for their favorite meal... But HOW do they do it? Katherine's author/illustrator debut with David Macaulay Studio coming October 2014!

Neighborhood Sharks

How do San Francisco’s great white sharks hunt their favorite prey every fall? Katherine Roy’s author/illustrator debut, coming out in Fall 2014 from Roaring Brook.

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The Expeditioners

Full of kid power, clues, codes and maps, McSweeney’s McMullens presents their first middle-grade novel! By S. S. Taylor, illustrated by Katherine Roy.

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Buried Beneath Us

Where did the people of ancient America succeed, and where did they fail? By Anthony Aveni, illustrated by Katherine Roy. Coming out in November 2013.

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Reviews for The Expeditioners

  • The Expeditioners rollicks, twists, turns and chases through canyons and arroyos, along airships and gliders, through boxcars and crumbling mansions, and on the way the heroes uncover all sorts of fabulous mysteries through their own cunning and bravery. It is a thoroughly smashing read.
    —Boing Boing
  • The Expeditioners has it all: secret maps, hidden treasure, villains, cool gadgets, plenty of adventure, and three intrepid siblings joining forces to save the day. Middle graders will love it, but this middle-ager couldn’t put it down.
    —Shelf Unbound
  • The story moves at a thrilling pace, and the adventure will capture the imagination of readers. Roy's illustrations add another terrific element to the story; the jacket, endpapers, and cover of the hardcover book are stunning. I hope this title marks the first in a series.
    —The Show Me Librarian
  • Between author S.S. Taylor's fast-moving, appealing tale, and Katherine Roy's plentiful illustrations that bring the characters to life, THE EXPEDITIONERS AND THE TREASURE OF DROWNED MAN'S CANYON has a lot to offer readers young and old.
    —Common Sense Media
  • A wonderful example of steampunk done well.
    —School Library Journal
  • Beautifully written and nail-bitingly thrilling, this is an easy series to get hooked on.
    —San Francisco Chronicle
  • We don’t normally cover kids’ books in this space, but we can’t help but be kind of excited for this one... The first middle-grade novel from McSweeney’s McMullens imprint, we may just have the next big thing on our hands.
  • ...The author's evident love of maps and exploration strengthens this Indiana Jones–style adventure, which is filled with nifty gadgets, moments of moderate terror, and high stakes. The retro-futuristic technology, never-before-seen sights, and danger provide plenty of fodder for Roy's playful illustrations, which have an adventurous, Jonny Quest flair.
    —Publishers Weekly
  • Can three orphaned siblings with half a map beat an oppressive government to a secret, gold-filled canyon?... Full of kid power, clues, codes and maps, this will appeal to sophisticated readers who appreciate their adventure served with heaping helpings of cleverness.
    —Kirkus Reviews
  • Inspired Recommendations for Kids from Indie Booksellers.
    —Winter 2012-2013 Kids' Indie Next List